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A Giving Opportunity Through Pat's Blue Goose

As a dealer for P. Buckley Moss for the past 12 years, we have loved Pat's art for a long time. We also love what she stands for and how she has used her art to benefit children and those in need for many years. The P. Buckley Moss Society, founded in 1987, has local chapters spread over half the country, all dedicated to supporting special needs children in their area. 

We are so excited to be partnering with our local chapter, Pat's Blue Goose, to serve a family in need. Every year, Pat's Blue Goose chooses a local child with special needs to help support, and this year, the recipient is 10-month-old Fredericksburg resident Nathan Joos.

Nathan has an extremely rare genetic disorder called Hallermann-Streiff-Francois Syndrome (HSS). Only one in 40 million children are born with this disorder, and less than 200 cases have been documented since its discovery in the late 19th century. Although there are many varied manifestations of this disorder, some of the more obvious ones are smaller than normal nasal passages and ear canals, beak-like nose, proportional dwarfism, possible mental retardation, and abnormal or uneven development of skull and facial features. In addition, Nathan was born with bilateral cataracts in both eyes, resulting in blindness. This, along with many other characteristics of HSS, requires a multitude of surgeries over the next several years of little Nathan's life. He will also need speech pathology, and well as a variety of therapies to teach him how to function in everyday life. This little guy's many needs add up to an enormous cost for his family, and Pat's Blue Goose is working hard all of 2013 to support the Joos family by contributing to Nathan's expenses.

 Pat herself has donated a remarqued (with original artwork painted on) limited edition copy of her print “Image of Peace”, and we at Framecraft have donated the custom picture framing. This one-of-a-kind framed pieced will be raffled off in mid-December 2013, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the Joos family to go toward little Nathan and his expenses. From January to early December 2013, raffle tickets are available for $1.00 apiece, and there are no limits on how many you can buy! Please join us in this opportunity to support the Joos family, and come pick up your raffle tickets at Framecraft today!



Custom Framed Sets

 It's not uncommon for a client to come into the shop with two or more pieces of art that they would like to frame as a set. Many people think that to frame pieces to match they must be all identical. This is certainly one option, but often you can customize certain elements of a design to each individual piece while still keeping the overall design aesthetic the same. Depending on your needs, for example, you could alter your mat colors from piece to piece while still keeping the mat dimensions and frame color the same. Or you could customize the frames to each piece but keep the frame widths and colors similar. Here are some recent examples of customized sets we have framed. They are great examples of how similar or varied these sets can be. Bring your art or document sets into Framecraft and let us help you find a customized design that will work well for each one.


This set of three was framed almost identically, except for the blue and red accent colors which we customized to each piece. 


Here is the final result.



These local pieces all share the same frame and top mat, but the bottom mats have been customized to each one. Also, they all differ in size, which makes it easy to consider hanging them together or on their own.


 Visit us at Framecraft to see this set on our walls!



This is an unusual set because they are both framed very differently. The aspects that make them a set are the similar sizing, similar color subject, and simlar framing proportions. It's a great example of how you can totally customize your art while still keeping them complementary. 


Check out these P. Buckley Moss originals at our shop!


The benefit to slightly changing each design is that it makes your framed set that much more customized, and much more versatile. A piece with a completely customized design can be hung anywhere in your home and look fantastic, whether it's hung as part of a set or on its own. When you love your custom framed art, you'll be more likely to keep it on your walls for years to come, even when you change your décor or move. And that's the whole goal of custom picture framing – to make you fall in love with your art!  

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Custom Floating Coins

  For many people who have never experienced custom picture framing before, it is a sometimes-necessary service that must be used if you happen to have a poster or diploma that isn't a standard size. We are certainly happy to accommodate those needs, but it's a shame that so many people miss out on the unique and personal art form that custom framing can be. This piece from several weeks ago is the perfect example. Our client came in with three coins, wanting to have them framed so that both sides were visible. They also wanted it to be able to sit upright on a desk. We have floated a number of different pieces between glass before, but this was a little bit more complicated because one of the coins was significantly thicker than the others, preventing us from simply floating them side by side. The client really wanted an open, airy feeling, so just mounting the coins in a mat wasn't the best option. Eventually we realized that by designing a customized mat cut, we could fulfill all of the client's needs while maintaining an open feeling and creating visual interest.

The next step was to create the elevating stand, which we cut, built, and painted by hand to match the vintage finish of the Roma frame. The outcome was an incredibly unique conversation piece perfect for adorning a desk or table, and completely customized to the client's needs. 
Bring in your memories, your heirlooms, or your trinkets to Framecraft, and whether you already know what you'd like to do or not, we can help you turn them into a one-of-a-kind piece of art that will last forever. We like to say “If you can carry it into the frame shop, we can frame it!”


What is a Giclee?

 I often have customers come in the gallery asking about giclee's.  What is a giclee?  What is the difference between a giclee print and a "regular" type of print?   How do you pronounce the word giclee?  So I hope to answer all of those questions over the next few Blog posts.  

First:  What is a giclee?  The word  giclee is derived from a French word that means to spray.  As an art term it is a type of print made by using a special inkjet printer.  This printer sprays ink onto paper or canvas.  This gives the print a more natural look instead of having little dots making up the picture.  If you purchase a high quality giclee like the ones we sell here at Framecraft, I can tell you that they are printed on very high quality materials using special pigmented, uv resistant inks that help the giclee look as much like the original painting as possible, and help its beautiful colors remain vibrant for years to come.  

Here is a video from P Buckley Moss about their giclee printing process:


Framing Choices for "Warmth Within Warrenton"

We have been really busy lately framing, and framing, and framing some more, for our upcoming show with P. Buckley Moss!  We love framing Pat's art.  Her art is so colorful and happy that we really get to be creative when we frame her work.  I plan on doing a post later this week to showcase some our favorite things we have framed so far but today I want to focus on the our show piece (which is our current #1 favorite piece of Pat's) "Warmth Within Warrenton".  We picked our three favorite designs and discounted them by 50% to offer to all our customers.  

Our first design is tripled matted with an elegant black frame.  The top mat is a neutral creme silk mat, and has a luxurious texture and appearance.  The design brings out the buildings that are down the street and the snowy background.  This design is sure to compliment any decor.  You can purchase this framing for $195 plus the cost of the print.

Our second option is also triple matted, but this time the mats bring your attention to the courthouse.  The top mat is a bright white with a snowy appearance, followed by a blue mat that is seen throughout the piece in the sky and the snow.  The bottom mat is a "courthouse" yellow.  The piece is finished off with a medium brown frame that also has a snowy look and is a bit rustic.  This design is also $195 plus the cost of the print.

Our third and final choice is a simple and charming design.  It is double matted with two very neutral colors.  The frame we chose for this design is one of our best sellers and is also one of our personal favorites!  It's a dark brown/black frame with distressed edges and is the perfect combination of rustic and elegant.  This design can be purchased for $115 plus the cost of the print.  

Another bit of great news is that you can use your $20 gift card you get for preordering the print toward these framing designs.  That means that this last design would cost you LESS than $100!  Call us or stop in today and we can get your framing ordered so that we can frame right after Pat signs it!  (540) 341-0001 



How Framecraft Frames!



Have you ever wondered what goes in to custom framing a picture?  Back in 2007, when Mark and I first thought of buying Framecraft, I was surprised by the amount of time that it took to complete one framing order! 

The process begins when you (our customer) purchases a print or brings in something to be framed.  The photo above to the right is a picture of our design room.  This is just a small amount of the selection of the frames that we offer.  It is awesome how sometimes you pic a frame for a particular picture and it is like that frame was made just for that piece.  That is why we offer such a large selection because every piece is so different and individual that we want to make sure that we have the perfect frame for your artwork. 

We also have hundreds of choices when it comes to mat colors.  Picking the right color mats is, maybe, the most important part of the design.  I usually try to pick something in the art that I want your eye to be drawn to, then I start with that color. 

Once we have designed the perfect framing together your part is done!  And the fun for us has just begun.  Mark and I love framing!  It really has become a passion for us.  Watching art turn from a beautiful piece of art on paper to a beautiful framed piece of art is something we never get tired of doing!

The first step in framing is to mount the art.  We use acid free foam core for this part.  There are a variety of mounting techniques, however the only ones we use are archival.  Once the piece is mounted we cut your mats with our Wizard computerized mat cutter.  We use a computerized mat cutter for a number of reasons.  Our wizard is efficent, precise, and amazing.  Did you know that we have the top of the line computerized mat cutter? Not only does it cut the perfect 90 degree angle, oval, circle, arch, star, gothic arch, and so on.  Our wizard mat cutter debosses!  If by chance you don't know what debossing is, that means that it carves designs, letters, shapes, anything we want it to, into the mat.  It is AWESOME!!!  (If you ever want to see it in action, just let us know, we'll bring you downstairs and show it to you!)

After your mats have been cut we mount them on top of the piece using acid free ATG.  ATG is basically the gooey part of the tape and nothing else.  We do a lot of measuring during this part to make sure that all the borders are perfect.  We then cut your glass to size using our Fletcher glass cutter, and place it on top of your, dust free, mat board and art.

Then we move on to cutting the frame with our dual miter saw!  This part is fun!  We LOVE using power tools!  Our dual miter saw ensures that the frame will join perfectly!  This part is something that most frame shops don't do, the majority of frame shops get the frames already cut to size, not us, we like to do as much of it in house as possible! 

Then all that is left is joining the frame with our v-nailer and placing it around the glass.  We hold everything in place with framers points, and finish the back with black paper, a Framecraft sticker, bump its, and a wire hanger.

We put time and care into your framing!  We know that anything we frame for you is going to hang in you home for years to come, so we want it to be perfect!   


P Buckley Moss Show Coming Soon!!!!

Framecraft is thrilled to host P. Buckley Moss at our location (64 Main Street)  on Saturday, November 6th!  This will be the second time that Pat has come to Framecraft and she will be releasing her second print that features Warrenton!!!  We haven't decided on a title for this exciting new release, but here is a first look!

I LOVE this print!!!  Actually this is a picture of the original just moments after Pat finished painting!  A few months ago we took a survey to see what our customers would like to see Pat paint.  Almost everyone we asked agreed that they wanted a snow scene on Main Street.  Well here it is, just what we all wanted! 

Call us today to preorder your print and get a free $20 gift card to use toward whatever you would like in the store or on custom framing (540) 341-0001.  Also get 40% off custom framing for any preorders or prints purchased the day of the show. 

Dreaming of a White Christmas!

It's Christmas time and Framecraft is so excited!  We had our first snow this past Saturday and our building could not have looked more beautiful!  The sad news for that day was that the Christmas Parade for Old Town Warrenton had to be cancelled.  We really looked forward to the parade and the chance to meet some new people from Warrenton!  Not to mention our three small children that still believe in Santa and really wanted to see him ride down Main Street.  All is well though since it has been rescheduled for December 20th.

The good news for the day is that many of our customers braved the wintery conditions and came out for our annual P. Buckley Moss Holiday Show!  We love Pat Moss and are so blessed to get to be an authorized dealer for her artwork.  Pat does so many wonderful things for learning diabled children and education, it is amazing!  I have loved Pat's art since first seeing "Blessed Peace", but once I met her and saw what an amazing person she is, it made me love her art even more!

The two days of the show, Framecraft was covered with P. Buckley Moss art!  The gallery looked beautiful!  There is so much variety in Pat's art.  She paints about so many different subjects there is something for everyone!  Don't worry though, even though the show is over we still have plenty of Moss Christmas items left for those that couldn't make it that day!

For more information about P. Buckley Moss visit our "featured artist" section or

The Mort Kunstler Show and the "The Gray Ghost"



Framecraft was so excited on November 21st to host Mort Künstler at the Fauquier County Courthouse.  This was an event we had been preparing for since September.  It was thrilling for the day to arrive and to see the fruits of our labors. After many late nights and early mornings at Framecraft, we finally opened the doors of the shop at 8am.  We welcomed a line of customers that had started forming at 7am.  It was rewarding to see that Mort's fans and our customers were anticipating the show as much as we were!

(a view of the shop the day of the show)

The public would come in to Framecraft and pick up their prints and shop for other Mort Künstler collectibles.  Then they would get a number for their place in line.  The number system seemed to work out well since the wait to see Mort got up to 3 1/2 hours.  Fans could go out to lunch or shop around Old Town Warrenton and then come back and get their place in line.  We are thankful to American Spirit Publising for suggesting that we use the number system.

(Framecraft and the Courthouse were packed with Mort Künstler fans all day.  This is the line outside the courthouse at the very beginning of the show)

After the prints were signed by Mort everyone came back to Framecraft and chose framing for "The Gray Ghost" and other Mort Künstler prints.  Framecraft customers enjoyed the savings we offered like 40% off custom framing and sample designs that could be purchased for over 45% off. 

Click on Photo for Larger Image

(Mort signing prints and meeting the public.  To the right is Mark the owner of Framecraft)

We are so grateful to Mort and American Spirit Publishing for giving us the chance to host this show.  We could not have done it without our family and friends that helped out that day and the days leading up to the show. 

This was only the second time a civil war painting has been done featuring Warrenton.  Framecraft is honored to have been able to bring this new and historic painting to Warrenton.  For more information about the story behind "The Gray Ghost" and Mort's comments on the piece please visit

(pictures courtesy of

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